Pedestrians and two-wheelers: the most vulnerable on our roads. (Ashminta Bhantoo, Yahya Munglee)

Statistics Mauritius has claimed about 70 accidents since the start of year 2017. The statistics show that cars were the most involved in road accidents. Motorcycles and bicycles were second in the lead.






Why and how these two are mostly affected is a questionable matter.

According to Mr. Sewachurn, driver of Rose-Hill Transport, the mindset of road users is to be blamed…









Mr Mataroah, driver in a private bus, accidents occur due to rash driving of new and inexperienced drivers and female drivers.




Other factors such as defective roads and technical deficiencies might be another reason for the increased number of accidents on our roads.


However, Mr.Sewachurn of Rose-Hill Transport claim that buses from this company are fully equipped and have minimal chances of causing accidents.



Trend shows that accidents are on a constant rise.

Faulty roads, careless and inexperience drivers, technical deficiencies and lenient laws are the factors that cause accidents.





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